Starter of Plenty, Finisher of None

May 7, 2012

As the title of this post implies, I started on a whole whack of projects this weekend and managed to finish a whopping zero of them. That's not totally true - I did get a sunburn. I don't think you can do those half way.

The point is, the bathroom is not getting finished before we have people over for Mike's birthday. My chairs are also not getting recovered (but my fabric did arrive and I looooooove it!). And I've decided that I don't care. Our friends know we bought a junky house with the intention of fixing it up. I think they expect chaos. At least I'm going to keep telling myself that.

Although we have a few projects to go, I'm making one a priority. I think our guests would appreciate having a door to close when they have to visit the washroom. Well, I imagine the guys won't care so much (and to be quite honest they'll probably use nature as their restroom), but the girls probably will.

If the weather cooperates this week, we should have a bathroom door again. The dog isn't going to be pleased considering she's gotten into the habit of following people in there.

 The bathroom door is called a 4 panel door, and is typical of what's found in plain Victorian homes. Unfortunately, over the years it has been covered in layers and layers and layers of paint (sort of like the layers and layers and layers of flooring that we uncovered when we started the bathroom reno).

victorian four panel farmhouse door painted

Rachel from A Home in College Hill did a great tutorial on refinishing doors so I'm not going to write one here, but I will let you know that I used a combination of my heat gun and chemical stripper, as well as various scrapers and picking tools.

how to strip paint from a solid wood door heat gun

Because of the weather, I've been working on this door off and on since February. Thankfully I'm finally finished with paint removal and now it's on to sanding. Which, weather permitting, I'll do in the first half of the week. 

4 panel victorian farmhouse door refinish

The door was originally stained a deep red-brown. I don't think I'll go that red for the new stain, but it's pretty up in the air. Either way, I can't wait to see this thing all finished up with the original hardware re-installed.

Speaking of original hardware, I've decided to keep the original hinges - at least for now. I had bought some new Stanley hinges, but the spacing of the screw holes and the size of the "wing" didn't match the original and it was just going to be a bigger pain in the behind than I needed it to be. The hinges are cooking in a crock pot with some other hardware while I write this!

how to refinish antique hardware remove paint

How was everyone else's weekend? Hopefully more successful than mine!

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