Stenciled Flour Sack Cafe Curtains

May 9, 2012

White cafe curtains are incredibly hard to photograph when you don't really know how to use your camera on the manual setting. I took dozens of pictures and they're all terrible.

I had told you guys that I wasn't going to show you my cafe curtains until the bathroom was done, but since that's taking for-freaking-ever, here they are.

stenciled flour sack cafe curtains

I think there are too many rings?

Other than that, I really like them. They give just enough privacy without blocking light from the room. I especially love that I can see the sky, and this window has the perfect view for watching the sun go down. Sort of sucks that you would have to hang out in the bathroom to watch it, but whatever.

They were really cheap to make. I grabbed a package of flour sack towels from Wal-mart, as they were the largest, plainest thing I could find ($7 I think).

flour sack towels cafe curtains

I then dove into the world of Martha Stewart crafts, and bought some of her stencils, craft paint, and stencil brushes. This stuff was not exactly cheap, but since everything can be used again and again, I figured shelling out a couple extra bucks was worth it.

martha stewart crafts stencil paint brushes

And really, I'm not going to explain any further than that because I'm pretty sure you can figure out how to stencil something. I just picked a couple designs and went to town. There was very little planning involved.

Hopefully by the time the new window is in and the trim is back in place I'll be able to figure out how to take a decent picture. Until then....what do you think? Take out some rings?

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