Time Crunch!

April 5, 2012

I hope you all enjoyed my "week" of sponsor features and took the time to check out those great blogs.

Getting back to regular blogging, we've got a self-imposed deadline for when the bathroom needs to be finished. Mike's friends have been bugging him to have a house warming party/barbecue/bonfire, and whenever that happens...that's when I've decided that the bathroom needs to be finished. We're thinking right now that it'll be the weekend of Mike's (27th) birthday - which is mid-May. Holy Hannah.

We still need to...
  • finish tiling the floor <---so close to done! Just one little section left.
  • grout the tile <--- should only take an hour or so? Please?
  • seal the grout <--- shouldn't take long, but has to be done 7 days after grouting to allow the grout to cure
  • install vanity <--- as soon as the grout is dry; I'm not going to bother sealing underneath it
  • tile the shower/tub alcove <--- dreading this
  • grout the shower/tub alcove <--- and this
  • seal the shower/tub alcove <--- not so much this
  • finish stripping and refinish the door, hang it <--- Dear Weather, please cooperate
  • sand, repaint, reinstall trim <--- once again, Weather...
  • make baseboards, paint, install <--- should be straightforward? ish?
  • make a cafe curtain <--- I've kind of already done this, but I'm not sure it's staying which is why I haven't shown you yet!
  • hang pictures, etc <--- easy peezy...if I can just decide on where to put things
  • replace windows <--- this one might not get done before the gathering since it's not a DIY and our guy is busy
  • set up new turtle tank and move Toby into his new home <--- this needs to be done as soon as possible! He's not a happy camper right now.

Other things I want to get done before people come over?
  • mow the lawn, which means buying a lawn mower
  • trim bushes/trees
  • take junk that can't be burnt or recycled to the dump
  • rehab my $5 auction chairs for people who might want to sit inside at the kitchen table (because we still only have two chairs, one of which has no back, so it's kind of like a stool - a really ugly stool.)
  • get all of the tools organized in the basement, and get my kitchen back to being a kitchen (which I've only been talking about since January. My to-do list hates me)
  • recover the cushion on an ugly, but comfy chair with outdoor fabric and move it ouside (our living room is small, and even smaller right now because it's missing a chunk of floor, and no one sits in this chair anyway - we might as well have a comfy chair outside)
  • put out the solar lights along the driveway

I know I'm in dreamland. There is no way we're going to get all of this done. But I'm going to pretend that it's possible anyway.

There has been far too many words in this post and not enough pictures.

As tomorrow is a holiday, I won't be posting. Mike and I are heading to our first auction of the year. Yeehaw! Have a happy Easter.

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