Frivolous Friday

December 9, 2011

If you read the last post, you know that I'm gearing up to make one of our spare bedrooms way more functional than it currently is. And the biggest step to doing that is giving the current bed the ol' heave-ho. In it's place, we're going to bring in a sofa-bed!

This is one Frivolous Friday feature that is most definitely going to be purchased.

At $799, this Ikea Manstad sofa-bed will be the most expensive thing we've purchased for the house so far(excluding the new oil tank we had to get last year). But, despite the cost, we (well, me, because Mike is essentially indifferent) like it for several reasons:
  • it will open up a ton of space, especially in the center, of the room
  • it has storage in the chaise end
  • it pulls out to a pretty generous "bed"
  • we like it enough to use in the living room, if/when we need to use this room as a bedroom again
It comes in two colours, and while on it's own I like the blue-gray (pictured) much better, I think the dark beige will work with the wall colour better. Just to make sure, I decided to check it out in Paint.

In real life, the trim colour leans more to white than how it's appearing above, so I think the dark beige sofa-bed is a better choice. I don't think the blue works quite right with the green of the walls, but I'm interested in hearing what other people think.

Before we can actually purchase the sofa-bed, a few things need to happen. We need to get rid of the old bed (at least the mattress and box spring - the frame we'll keep because it is easy to store and will likely come in handy some day) and I want to refinish the floor. Might as well get it done when the big furniture is out of the way!

In other news, today is my 25th birthday and I'm making Mike take me to The Simcoe County Museum's Christmas, Past and Present exhibit! I've also just discovered that the museum has a Victorian Wing...hooray for old things!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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