I'm baaaa-aaaaaack!

January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season. Although I had two weeks off, the time absolutely flew by and I can't believe I'm back in Ontario and back to work already.

That being said, I'm so glad it's January. The holiday decorations can go away and I can focus more on organizing, decluttering, and finishing rooms around the house.

The blogosphere is jam packed with posts on 2011 wrap-ups and 2012 resolutions, so I'm going to go a bit of a different route, and look at just the month of January. I'm going easy on myself here, because part of setting goals is ensuring that they're attainable!

January 2012 To Do's
  • Catch up on laundry. It's amazing what builds up when you're gone for 2 weeks.
    • should be able to check this off by tonight
  • Pack up holiday decorations and put them back into storage in the basement. Don't do it all willy nilly!
    • this will hopefully happen this weekend
  • Junk out and organize the junk drawer
    • maybe tonight?
  • Junk out and organize underneath the kitchen sink
  • Donate cookbooks and other kitchen things I've never used
  • Find 4 (antique/vintage) wood chairs for the kitchen table
    • more on why we need new chairs later
I know, I'm not being particularily ambitious. But I'm also working towards taking better control of my finances. Restoring/renovating a house is not really cheap by any means (although, some really handy people find a way!), so I'm working towards pacing myself. I'll likely need to spend a wee bit of money for packing up Christmas and controlling the mayhem under the kitchen sink, and unless I can find four matching solid wood kitchen chairs at Goodwill, that'll cost a little, too.

Who knows - maybe I'll be on fire and add some more things to the list later, but for now, there it is!

And to end the post, here are some pictures I took on December 20th when travelling by seaplane from Nanaimo to Vancouver.

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