The most finished room in the house...

December 7, 2011 not so finished. Although it has come a long way.

What started out as this

Victorian Farmhouse Bedroom Before

victorian farmhouse bedroom before 2

Is now this

victorian farmhouse bedroom after

victorian farmhouse bedroom after 3 
victorian farmhouse bedroom after 2
Please excuse the picture quality. This was in March/April 2011 before I was blogging and taking pictures with the good camera.

That being said, it's current state is a hot mess (something a little like this, maybe). And that's because the spare bedroom is hardly ever used as a bedroom (we have had over night guests once). Instead, it acts as a holding room for my clothes (until we do the master bedroom), book storage, and craft/sewing junk storage. Basically, if I were to have a home office and a walk in closet in one, this would be it.

The majority of what you see in here was either free or a gift, or something I bought long ago. The only things I bought specifically for this room are the mirror, the black frame and photo print above the bed, the curtain rod and panel, pillow cases, throw pillow, and pillows (which we were long over due for anyway and have since moved onto our bed). Of course I had to buy paint, too (walls - Behr Lotus Leaf, trim and ceiling - Behr Snowy Pine).

None of the furniture cost us anything. Rocking chair? Free from family. Antique bookcase/desk? Free from family. Bed? Free from family. Dresser? Free from Craigslist back when I was moving into my first place by myself.

That's all well and good, but it doesn't help the fact that this space is not being used to it's full potential. And after Christmas, I have plans to fix that.

Check back on Friday for what will be one of our biggest purchases yet!

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