Switch It Up Some

October 22, 2012

In a rare moment of rational discussion about the house, the other night Mike and I tossed around the idea of moving into the spare bedroom from the room that we're currently in. There are a few positive aspects of doing so.
  • 1. There are a whopping TWO outlets in that room, compared to one in the room that we're in right now.
  • 2. There's a heat register! We currently use a space heater when it's cold enough.
  • 3. It's a bigger room. I think around 9' by 12'?
  • 4. The wiring is new and safe. We ran new stuff up when we had the walls down in the bathroom.

You're probably wondering why we didn't just move in there in the first place. I am too. Update to add: This won't be our permanent bedroom. We will have a master bedroom, but you can see why we aren't moving into it yet here.

Of course, I want to paint it before we get settled in there. Right now it's rocking Behr's Lotus Leaf.

victorian farmhouse bedroom after 3

It's a nice colour, but a little too vibrant for what I'd like in my bedroom. It should come as no surprise that I immediately started looking at Sarah Richardson's paint line by Para. The three below are top contenders right now. Very neutral, pretty boring, but in a house that's in a constant state of mess and chaos I need a visual break. The trim and ceiling will stay as Behr's Snowy Pine.

Bisque (SR44)

Sunbeam (SR45)

Lily (SR59)

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to win a $100 Ikea gift card, thanks to their "Pin & Win" contest they had to celebrate the release of the 2013 catalogue. Watch out for these guys in our new room!

Emmie Kvist cushion

Arstid wall lamp

Gurli throw

This won't be a major overhaul by any means - we still eventually have to fix the walls from the crumbling mess that they are, so doing anything more than painting would be a poor decision. At the very least, I'm hoping that the end result will be more comfortable and cozy than what we're currently sleeping in!

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