Chatting with Canadians - Gangnam Style!

October 19, 2012

And what I really mean by Gangnam Style is...let's talk about pop culture. Because there is no way I am doing that crazy awesome dance, let alone record it.

Chatting with Canadians

In this second installment of Chatting with Canadians (check out the first one here over at Casa de Christine), I'm going to blather on about popular Canadian faces, places, and some other stuff. You're in for a treat! Or not. We'll see.

Bieber, Arnett, and the Ryans. You may remember them from such things as getting stuck in your head, Arrested Development, Hey Girl, and some B-list movies that no one remembers the name of, respectively.

I am a terrible person and can only think of one awesome Canadian actress. Hellooooo Rachel McAdams.

A decent number of movies and TV shows are filmed in Canada, or at least they used to be before our dollar started sucking less. Here's a wee sample:

  • The X Files
  • Happy Gilmore
  • Smallville
  • Battlestar Galactica

And then of course there are the shows that only Canadians had the delight of being able to watch. Breaker High, Degrassi Junior High, and the Red Green Show come to mind. Maybe also Trailer Park Boys? Did it get aired anywhere else?

I was going to talk about all of the stores that are in the US that are also up here in Canada, but that list was long and I got bored. So instead, you can weep with us over the fact that we do not have any Hobby Lobbies. Target used to avoid us, too, but that all changes as of 2013! HomeSense is the Canadian equivalent to HomeGoods. We have two national hardware stores that the US doesn't - Home Hardware and RONA. Lowes tried to buy RONA and RONA said NO WAY! Although more than likely they actually just turned down the offer via their lawyers.

And that concludes today's train wreck of a post.


Oh Eugene Levy. Probably the best movie dad of all time.

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