Building Bathroom Storage

July 9, 2012

I use the term building loosely here - the only power tool involved was a cordless drill.

The area above our toilet tank was in desperate need of something, and since I already have a big piece of "art" above the turtle tank, that something was storage.

I couldn't seem to find anything in store or online that tickled my fancy while staying in our price range. The stars aligned one day when I saw this on the mighty Pinterest.

Shelf dividers by Martha Stewart.

And then this happened.

Challenge accepted.

Lowe's carries mini decorative brackets that mimic porch "gingerbread", which I thought would be perfect in our house. Except for some reason, I didn't buy the ones I wanted...I walked out with cheaper brackets. And then on my way home I turned and went to Home Depot, but they didn't have anything. So then I went to Rona. And they reeeeeally didn't have anything. So I went back to Lowe's and bought the brackets that I originally wanted. Waste. Of. Time.

Also at Lowe's I grabbed two 8" x 24" shelves - the really cheap laminate veneer ones. I knew I was going to prime and paint them so there was no reason to get all spendy.

mini victorian scroll bracket para paint whitewash white oak laminate veneer shelf

First step - prime and paint everything. I followed this tutorial by Centsational Girl for painting the laminate shelves. I should have primed the brackets before I painted them, but I didn't, so I ended up doing a gazillion coats of paint (actually just 3).  I sanded between each coat. I also probably should have sanded the brackets before painting. But I didn't.

Second step - change the direction of the hangy thing on the bracket. These are designed to go underneath something and hold it up, not above, so I had to do a little tweaking. Thankfully, the little bracket was just held in place by two screws.

wood shelf bracket hanging bracket

Third step - attach brackets to shelves. I decided to use glue (Gorilla Glue is what I had on hand) and screws. But really I don`t plan on making these shelves do any sort of heavy lifting. I could have pre-drilled the holes if I wanted to, but I didn`t.

mini victorian scroll bracket shelves

Fourth step - attach to the wall. I pre-drilled here and used drywall anchors since I wasn't going into studs.

Fifth step - jam pack with stuff.

above toilet storage shelves

Sixth step - admire.

victorian bracket bathroom shelf

So, did anyone else do something for the Pinterest Challenge?

scroll bracket bathroom shelf

Update: I've added a little somethin' to the top shelf! Click here to see.

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