Gallery Wall Creation, Part 1: Planning

October 26, 2011

We have a wall in our kitchen that we feel is just perfect for a gallery wall.

wall for picture gallery

The maps currently hanging there will be relocated. More on those in a future post.

What we really want to see in here are kitchen-y vintage advertisements and other related things.

Remember this guy? Err...girl? She won't be lonely for long.

Pin It

I mentioned in a previous post that we had a couple more vintage ads waiting to be put into frames.

Vintage Pyrex Advertisement

Antique Cornflakes Advertisement

Well, we were recently given a whole whack of old magazines dating as far back as the 20's and as recent as the 60's. Whoohoo!

In addition to the old ads, we'd like to incorporate a few neat objects displayed in shadow boxes. We haven't decided yet what will make the cut.

There's a lot of prep work that goes into creating a gallery wall. Some people have enough vision to be able to just throw up pictures and things and have it look amazing.

I'm not one of those people!

Enter Pinterest.

Ann Beck Photography Wall Gallery Inspiration graphic

I need to sketch things out by hand in order to best visualize, so here's a (really) rough sketch of our gallery wall in the making.

Kitchen Gallery Wall Plan

As we bring together the pieces that we want to display, this will likely be tweaked as needed.

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? Does it include pictures as well as objects? Did you have to sketch it out first in order to visualize it?

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