Gallery Wall Creation, Part 2: Supplies

October 27, 2011

After the preliminary planning of our gallery wall project, we knew we needed supplies. I make lists probably twice as often as I draw sketches, so of course I needed a supplies list!
  • Frames - black, various sizes
  • Fabric swatches or scrapbook paper - various colours
  • Picture hanging strips*
We've decided to nix the shadow boxes mentioned in the last post. The objects we'd like to display don't need 'em.
Image sourced from here.

*3M Command Picture Hanging Strips are MAGIC! Our walls are made of ancient horsehair plaster and lath, covered by several layers of wall paper. Sometimes they just don't enjoy being penetrated by nails or screws and essentially vomit plaster dust instead of holding it together. These velcro-y little guys are the perfect solution! (We were not sponsered or gifted anything to say these things. All opinions are entirely our own and based on personal experience).

On my way home from work, I hit up HomeSense to see what they had going on.

Unfortunately, the frame department was a big ol' bust. But...I did find my new favourite friend!


After wandering around the store, carrying my new friend in the crook of my arm, occasionally giving him a pat on the bum, I paid for him and then headed over to Wal-mart.

Here I bought the things on my supply list, including a few extras like fabric glue pens (cool!), a sharpie, and some bright  yellow acrylic paint for an addition to the gallery wall. Details on that soon.

Photo Gallery Wall Supplies

That's as far as I got for the day. Because, in other very exciting news, we have the washing machine hooked up!!

LG Washing Machine

You wouldn't believe the backlog that we have, but it will all be history soon.

Until next time...have you ever had to have something you saw in a store, even though it was obscure?

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