Lumpy the Ottoman Returns

August 11, 2011

So...I failed this project. And I've also failed the kitty litter cabinet project. Boyfriend is taking that one over for me this weekend.

Always have a plan. A drawing. Measurements. SOMETHING.

I didn't do those things for the ottoman or the kitty litter cabinet. I just cut and hammered and stapled all willy nilly. And the results show it.

So, without further ado, remember Original Lumpy?

Here's Lumpy 2.0 (with his other lumpy sibling):

That pleat on the left was not intentional.

"It doesn't look that bad!" You might be tempted to exclaim. But trust's horrific. Hence why I'm only showing you a picture of it from afar.

I had bought some black rope trim to put around it. But, the following conversation occured.

Me: How does it look with the rope?

Boyfriend: ....Arabian.

So the rope stayed off, and the ottoman was deemed finished. Crappy, but finished.

My next project is something I'm more comfortable with - stripping old paint and repainting. Thank goodness!

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