Obligatory Christmas Decorating Post

December 2, 2013

I had planned to do very little decorating this year. At first I found myself saying I wasn't going to be decorating at all, but then real me laughed at attempting-to-be-practical me and ended up buying a whole bunch of new Christmas stuff. Mike and I won't be here for Christmas (we're heading to BC on the 21st to spend time with my family!), so even though it's my favourite part of this festive time of year, getting a tree would be a bigger pain in the arse than it's worth. Coming home to a gazillion dried out pine needles isn't my idea of a good time.

But, we're lucky to have a GIGANTIC (propane) fireplace in this house, and it happens to be in my favourite room, so I was pretty excited to throw some stuff at it all in the name of some jolly guy in a red suit.

cottage christmas fireplace mantle

traditional christmas mantle

I made the stockings myself, and they're really for decorative use only (we have special ones that were handmade by family that we actually use). If someone wanted to turn them into the real deal, they'd probably want to line them with something soft because burlap is pretty much the worst. Also, don't wash burlap unless you want to panic and think that a small furry animal somehow managed to get into your washing machine and then it's entire being except it's hair dissolved into nothingness.

burlap and plaid stocking

red green and gold christmas

christmas fireplace mantle

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