What Would Happen if I Redecorated the Bathroom Impulsively

July 15, 2013


bathroom moodboard

This would happen because it's all I can envision in my head right now.

And this is why I take a gazillion years to do anything, because Mike would probably have strong words to say if he came home to find himself using a pink floral bathroom. And I change my mind a lot, so while I love this right now, next week I'll probably want something entirely different.

Also, I'm pretty lazy. That's another reason things take a gazillion years.

In case anyone is interested, here's a little breakdown of what's going on up there.

1. Black and white polka dot shower curtain. Inspired by this, if I posessed a craft gene and knew how to sew I would make my own from this fabric.
2. New vanity light. The one in there right now is off center and it drives me INSANE (it's a two bulber). I think this three bulbed option would balance things out, though I admittedly have no idea what it looks like behind the current light and if it would even work.
3. Wallpaper above the existing (fake) beadboard. I told you on Friday how much I love this stuff from Anthropologie.
4. A framed mirror. There's a perfectly usable builder basic plate mirror in there now, but Addicted 2 Decorating shows how to create your own version of this Joss and Main mirror.
5. Wall hooks. These would be a huge improvement over the towel bar and over-the-door hanger being used right now. We have dozens of these throughout the house so I wouldn't have to buy any - just need to throw 'em in the crock pot to cook the paint off them.
6. Painted vanity. The vanity is in good shape, but it needs some sprucing up through paint and hardware. I like the idea of a bright raspberry colour (this is Strawberry Daiquiri by Behr).
7. Existing faux marble wall tile. This was put in by the old owners, and it's in good shape and not offensive to my eye balls so there is zero part of me interested in tearing it out.
8. Existing white and blue linoleum. It's a little tired looking, a little yellowed, but it's easy to clean and in decent condition. Once again, zero part of me is interested in replacing it.
9. New faucet. This one is a pretty pricey little guy, so isn't likely something I'd actually buy unless it were to go on sale. Anything would be an improvement over what we have right now, though. Except no faucet. No faucet at all wouldn't be good.

If you'd like a reminder of what the bathroom looks like at this very moment, you can check it out at the end of this post.

Happy Monday!

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