Forgive me for complaining.

March 15, 2013

When we first ripped into the bedrooms upstairs, I mentioned here that sleeping in the living room felt a little bit like camping, and that it doesn't anymore.

Well now it really doesn't feel like camping, and it's really just making me cranky.

I know it's not forever - in fact the end might only be a couple of weeks away. It was just really hard coming back to a construction zone after staying in clean houses and rooms during our wedding and honeymoon. And what's the point of having a personal blog if I can't whine and complain every once in awhile?

With the chaos currently happening in the house, there's no room to do anything besides sit and watch tv (almost all of the reno is getting done while I'm at work). It's getting old really quick. I want to create something. Make something. Do something. Once the weather warms up I can get started on sanding and repainting all of the baseboards from upstairs, but right now it's decided to be winter again despite fooling me earlier this week into thinking that spring might have arrived.

Believe me, I know all of this is temporary, but I'm frustrated none the less. Not at anybody, of course. And not necessarily at the situation either because it's getting us to something really, really good. Does that even make any sense at all?


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