I'm officially in the Christmas spirit.

December 10, 2012

Well folks, I finally feel like Christmas is on its way. I'm by no means ready for the big day, but I'm starting to get excited!

On Friday night a friend and I attended a wreath making workshop at Bradford Greenhouses in Barrie. Since I got there early, I took it as an opportunity to wander around and marvel. And marvel I did. I also may have drooled a little. This place is amazing at Christmas time!

They have seemingly 500 million Christmas trees decorated in store to show off all of the decorations that they carry, so I took a pictures of a few of my favourites. These were just taken quickly with my iPhone, so...sorry about that.

bradford greenhouses christmas tree Bradford greenhouses christmas tree
bradford greenhouses christmas tree bradford greenhouses christmas tree
bradford greenhouses christmas tree bradford greenhouses christmas tree

It's pretty handy - if you see a tree that you really like, all of the decorations that you need to replicate the look are gathered around the base of the tree.

Here's a quick peek at some of my other favourite things.

plaid poinsettiaantique brass deer figure
rustic christmas stockingrustic christmas decorations

If you click on any of the above pictures, you'll be redirected to my Flickr page and be able to see the regular sized photo.

Eventually, it was time to start wreath making. My friend and I were the only two in the workshop, so it didn't take the whole hour that was scheduled. The hardest part was definitely the bow! While the supplies they had available aren't really my style, I still like my final product.

fresh christmas wreath traditional

Our tree at home is up, but I haven't decorated it yet...that's for tonight!

FYI - This post was NOT sponsored by Bradford Greenhouses in any way shape or form. I just find their store magical... and I'm short on blog content these days.

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