Farm Auction Finds

April 9, 2012

This weekend was incredibly non-productive, despite my ginormous list of things to do that I posted on Thursday. But, that doesn't mean that it was a total wash!

On Friday, Mike and I went to our first auction of the year. This particular one happened to be mostly farm equipment, with the majority of it being old and rusty. There was almost 500 people there, and I actually bumped into a friend from university (Hi, Chelsey!). We didn't stay until the end - stuff was going for far more than we had to spend (one cast iron tractor seat went for nearly $500). But we didn't leave empty handed.

We snagged this Plain Jane tractor seat for $40.

Eventually I want four to refinish and turn into bar stools.

This rust covered cream can was ours for a whopping $7.50.

I'm not sure what my plans for this guy is yet. With a little bit (maybe a lot) of elbow grease, eventually we'll have these looking half decent. Whenever we get around to it you know I'll share the process with you!

Saturday involved puttering around to a whole whack of different stores with Mike's mom. I would tell you everywhere we went, but I'm fairly certain that you don't care, especially since neither one of us bought anything. The best "store" though, was some guy selling antiques and things out of the back of a transport truck trailer. It wasn't sketchy, I promise. His prices were so good, but we were without a truck. I have every intention of going back (and hoping he's open when I do - he doesn't keep set hours).

Sunday evening we had dinner at Mike's parents place. All of my family lives in British Columbia so we don't split our time between two families on holidays...

In between visiting and gallivanting, we did manage to finish tiling the bathroom floor. I think I might torture you and not show you anymore progress pictures until I'm ready to "reveal" the room. Ha!

The weather was great, so we managed to enjoy quite a bit of outside time with the crazy dog. Really, she's bonkers.

Happy Monday!

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