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February 6, 2012

Well, I caved. I'm not building our own vanity for the bathroom overhaul. Mike doesn't like the look of open spaces underneath the sink, so we bought a mid-priced vanity off the shelf at Rona. "Mid-priced" is still crazy expensive! I can't believe what these things go for (I'll do a recap of what we've spent so far at the end of this post). While we were there we also grabbed a new faucet - the one we have currently that I had originally planned on reusing doesn't really fit in with the rest of the pieces we've collected.

We decided to bite the bullet and buy our vanity this weekend because Rona had a special promotion going on (and it helped that it was pay day yesterday!): spend $35 or more before noon and receive 15% back in Rona gift cards. Yes please! So what'd we get?

It's kind of hard to show you right now, since everything is still in it's box (and there's no point in unpacking and putting together until we're ready to install), so this is the best I can do...

via Rona.

We chose this vanity, except in "espresso" (this is the only picture of it I can find online, sorry!). They didn't have our first choice in stock, which was basically the same style only a little tiny bit larger. This one will do just fine, and was $20 cheaper at $255.

Of course (picture me saying that with some degree of disdain), that didn't include a top/sink. Mike wanted black, and I was indifferent as long as it wasn't beige. We're working with such a big room (approximately 11'4" x 8'8"), with big windows and (eventually) a lot of white (trim, door, tile, washer and dryer, toilet), plus light grey walls, so a little bit of dark isn't a bad thing.

Granite bathroom vanity top porcelain sink bowl rona

This lovely guy is made of granite, with a porcelain under-mounted bowl. He cost us $229. Apparently, you can't lay this thing flat in the box, which I find irritating. 

And last but not least, our new faucet. My first choice was a nice little number made by Delta, but it was $119! This one looks almost exactly the same, and was pretty much half the price at $62.99. I chose a high arc faucet since the sink is occasionally going to be doing double duty as a laundry sink since the bathroom is also our laundry room.

peerless chrome bathroom faucet rona

On top of all that was 13% HST, and we ended up getting $82 on a Rona gift card.

How about another what's-it-cost-us-so-far list (excluding HST - I'll include it in our bathroom wrap-up post that likely won't be until a million years from now).

Toilet - $90 (50% off at Home Depot)
Mirror - $25 (75% off at Rona)
Fan - $35 (full price, Home Depot)
Floor tile - $1.52/sq. ft. x 120 sq. ft. (10% off, Rona)
Accent mosaic tile - $14.99/sq.ft x 3 (regular price, Home Depot)
Vanity, top & sink, faucet - $547 (regular price, Rona)

This purchase was the most expensive yet, and it doesn't feel that good, because I don't love it. I'll get over it, once I see it all together (I hope?!).

On a happier note, our new to us dishwasher has arrived!!

kenmore portable dishwasher farmhouse kitchen antique buffet

Hellooo time saver!

Oh, and for those of you wondering what I'm going to do with the table legs that were supposed to be for the vanity, I have some ideas churning in the back of my head for the spare bedroom revamp. But I can only focus on one room at a time or I'm going to lose it!

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