February 3, 2012

Changes! Everywhere! But they're small. And non-earth shattering.

Change #1.

Remember this tool chest, which I blogged about awhile ago?

red tool box kitchen

It's now over here...

Farmhouse kitchen

Yeah, we're not those people that keep our fridge empty. Eventually the tool chest will have a more permanent home in the basement, but that's not likely to happen until we have a pegboard on the side of the basement stairs for frequently used tools like screwdrivers, hammers, and tape measures. Moving the tool chest to the side of the fridge left this space between the fridge and the buffet empty...

farmhouse wainscot


Friends of Mike's parents are renovating their kitchen, and are giving us their portable dishwasher because they're getting a new one. We get to go and grab it this weekend and I can't wait! The butcher block type counter on it will be way better for the toaster oven than it's previous spot of balancing precariously on top of the tool chest.

Change #2.

This dresser, from the spare bedroom?

victorian farmhouse bedroom after 2

Is now here!

ikea dresser hallway

This dresser (which I snagged for free when I first moved off campus after university) houses our spare blankets, bedsheets, and pillow cases, and having them in the hall is more convenient than in the spare bedroom. Moving it also gets me one (small) step closer to revamping that bedroom into a super multi-purpose room of closet/office/craft room/guest room.

vintage wood box vintage books antique oil lamp

Mike picked up the globe from an auction he went to last summer. The wood box and the old books were given to me by my mom when I was home over Christmas. I love the designs on the book covers! The oil lamp was given to me by a co-worker. It did have a chimney, but it fell crashing to the floor one day, and I haven't gotten around to replacing it yet.

Change #3.

Where the dresser is now, there used to be this guy...

farm house upper hall

Total junk collector. Don't ask me why we had a jug of maple syrup upstairs? After clearing everything off and putting it in it's proper place, I thought I would take the shelf apart and send it off to Goodwill, but this space...

victorian farmhouse entry hall

...could really use some contained storage.

farmhouse entry hall entrance hall

Don't mind the door leaning against the other door - that will eventually be put back on the office (we found the door in the shack). And I need better boxes or baskets. The giant baskets on the bottom shelf are just place holders! Of course, everything I did was a temporary change. Eventually we'll overhaul the entrance way and have some sort of built in storage (I have big plans for this little space!). One day I would love to replace the cheap white dresser upstairs with a well built vintage or antique piece. The dishwasher is a little more permanent, since we're not redoing the kitchen until the next life time or so (at least that's what it feels like).

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Whether you're making changes around your own home or just taking it easy and watching the Super Bowl!

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