Lights, Lights, Lights!

January 30, 2012

It's Monday again!

Before getting to the topic of the post, I want to point out a few changes that I made over the weekend.

I'm participating in a Build a Better Blog in 31 Days challenge/workshop put on by The SITS Girls. I'm learning so much and meeting and discovering new blogs every day. Some of the changes around here have resulted from daily tasks from that challenge/workshop.

Before and After - a new page with easy access to before and afters. The links are listed by room. Most of you know that we don't actually have a finished room yet, so content is pretty limited for now!

Tutorials - this page existed before, but I decided to publish tutorials as their own post, and then list the links on this page (you might have noticed that I published two over the weekend). What I had before was far too tedious!

Inspiration Station - my version of a "blog roll".

What I'm most excited about are my new social media icons at the top of the sidebar. It took way too long, but I finally figured out how to do it. The icons are courtesy of Icons, etc. I'm sad that they don't have a Pinterest icon, but no biggie.

Now, on to more talk about lights!

On Friday, I showed off my top picks for the sconces that will be on either side of the oval mirror. We decided to go with this guy (ordered 2 of them last night - free shipping, too!):

In addition to the sconces, we also need an overhead light. The original 1950's era - that's when the house first got electricity - light base is currently there, but the shade (as well as the shades for all of the other original light fixtures) is long gone. It's also not centered in the room. We're rewiring while all the framing is exposed, so it'll be easy to relocate the fixture on the ceiling. I'm pretty undecided about what I'd like to see up there. Pendant or flush mount? Neither one of us is interested in a chandelier.

via Rejuvenation. $117

I've scoured Home Depot's website, as well as and Canadian Lighting Universe, and we just can't find something that we love. I'm crazy about school house lights, but Mike...not so much. Perhaps we'll actually get our butts into town and take a look in store sometime soon.

More updates coming Wednesday!

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