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January 27, 2012

If you've been following along, you know that we've been taking our sweet time when it comes to renovating the bathroom. It's a complete gut job, so we're redoing everything. We've hummed and hawed over a million different layouts (here, here, and here), and now that we have that sorted out we finally feel ready to start planning out and purchasing fixtures. I've even got a jump start on decorating. Here's a look at our giant to-do list:

Bathroom Reno

(in no particular order): 
  • gut entire room, including floor 
    • take salvageable fixtures to Habitat for Humanity Restore 
  • buy new hot water tank, relocate to basement 
  • sister existing joists 
  • lay new sub floor 
  • frame out new walls 
  • re-route all plumbing, using pex 
  • buy floor tile, tile floor 
  • buy tub, install 
  • buy tub alcove tile, tile alcove 
  • buy tub/shower trim kit, install 
  • build/buy vanity, install 
  • buy sink faucet fixture, install 
  • buy mirror, hang 
  • hang drywall 
  • mud drywall 
  • buy exhaust fan, install 
  • buy toilet, install 
  • sand and repaint all existing baseboards and casings
  • restore big window 
  • find a stained glass window for the little window 
  • buy stacking washer and dryer, hook up 
  • sand and repaint original door, 
  • put original hardware back on 
  • pick a paint colour, paint 
  • pick an over head light fixture, install 
  • pick vanity light fixture, install 
Although we've got bigger fish to fry, I've got lighting on my mind today!

For the vanity, I'm thinking two sconces on either side of our new oval mirror would be best. It's kind of important to me that we find something where the shade can point down, because we unfortunately get a lot of bugs (mosquitoes, ladybugs, and flies have pretty easy access due to our window screen inserts not fitting properly).

I don't want to spend any more than $40 per sconce. We haven't looked in any stores yet, but the internet yielded a few good choices.

I really like the idea of this one - it's reminiscent of this outrageously priced light fixture that I featured in a Frivolous Friday post. At just $39, it's definitely a more affordable option. But something in me is saying that having two adjustable lights would be too much going on. The finish also doesn't match the mirror, but I'm not opposed to mixing metal finishes in a room. Being able to adjust the lights would come in handy for plucking eyebrows and shaving beards...
I always jump at the square and rectangle sconces, but then the more I look at them, the more I think that it would look weird when paired with an oval mirror. Each light is just $31.

This one is my favourite of the bunch. I like the smaller circular base, and that the shade has nice straight lines. It rings up in the middle of the three at just under $34.

So many decisions!! But the more we can get done before dooms day, the better. Before I sign off for the weekend, I had mentioned in a previous post that I would give a breakdown of what we've spent so far.

Toilet - $90 (50% off at Home Depot)
Mirror - $25 (75% off at Rona)
Fan - $35 (full price, Home Depot)
Floor tile - $1.52/sq. ft. x 120 sq. ft. (10% off, Rona)
Accent mosaic tile - $14.99/sq.ft x 3 (regular price, Home Depot)

Have a great weekend!

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