Cheapest Christmas Wreath Ever

November 23, 2011

There are wreaths galore all over blogland and Pinterest for every imaginable season, so I figured I'd give it a shot and see what I could come up with for Christmas (I totally missed the boat on all Fall decorating! Well, except for this).

Can you tell what it's made of?

toilet paper christmas wreath
Please ignore the crack in the paint - all of our walls are hundred year old horse hair plaster that expands and contracts with the seasons!

toilet paper christmas wreath

Yep, toilet paper.

toilet paper christmas wreath

And a little (maybe a lot) of hot glue...

ribbon bow

And some ribbon and a thumb tack...

toilet paper christmas wreath 

Voila! Cheapest wreath ever - I spent 0 dollars.

The idea for using pipe insulation for a wreath form came from Pinterest. I think this is the original source.

Now I'm going to tell you something embarassing. Mike and I snagged a "hot water efficient" shower head of some sort at a home show (before we even owned the house), and a bunch of pieces of foam pipe insulation was included in the kit. When we bought our house, I went on a rampage and put that foam on every single pipe in the basement. Yep, even the cold water lines. Hey - I was a new home owner, what did I know!

Other fun facts:

Our woodwork is not stained wood. It's faux bois - "fake wood". In other words, painted to look like wood. All of the wood in our house (with the exception being the kitchen floor) is pine. The wood in the living room, lower hall and upper hall is painted to look like quarter sawn oak. This was apparently all the rage if you were a proper Victorian but didn't have the cashola for nice wood like oak, mahogany, walnut, etc. Ontario is notorious for it's pine forests, so it shouldn't be surprising that A LOT of old houses have faux bois woodwork.
See the slide bolt in the last photo, that's keeping the french door in place? If you look closely, you'll see that it alternates in colour from bronze to black to bronze and so on. This is intentional, and is seen frequently on antique hardware. The look is called japaned (I don't know why!).

If you'd like more details on how to make a wreath outta toilet paper, check out the tutorial here.

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