Building Our Bathroom Vanity - Part 1

November 15, 2011

Over this past weekend, I finally got started on building our bathroom vanity. We're renovating on a really tight budget, and since we are completely gutting the bathroom, cutting costs wherever we can is really important. Because of this, we've decided to reuse the current sink and it's faucet - they're really not that bad.

bathroom sink

Please don't mind the clutter, this was when we were moving in the washing machine.

But the vanity? It's cheap looking, poorly made, and provides very little usable storage. We're happy to say goodbye to it.

I knew I didn't want a solid vanity (Mike doesn't care much as long as it's functional!), but everything that could be bought just seemed so expensive. And then I got an idea!

farmhouse table legs

These turned table legs came from an old table sitting outside in the collapsed barn. The rest of the table was beyond saving, but I removed these and they're in pretty good shape beyond some cracks (which I don't mind). They've been sanded smooth, and will be given a coat of primer and paint.

The table legs alone aren't going to hold up the sink, so I have to make some additions (check this post for an idea of what the sink vanity will sorta look like, or a couple of pins on my Bathroom Ideas Pinterest board). But first I had to fix a little problem.

farmhouse table legs

The ends were really not straight! So I measured...

farmhouse table legs

And marked...

farmhouse table legs

And cut!

farmhouse table legs

Repeat three more times, and I have four level legs.

farmhouse table legs

Here's a quick look at what still needs to be done:
  • remove bolts, unless I can use them to somehow add strength to the vanity
  • add base for sink to rest on (at the same time adding height)
  • add a (lower) shelf
  • prime
  • paint
  • add something non-slip to the bottom of each leg
 More soon!

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