Building Our Bathroom Vanity - Mini Update + PSA

November 16, 2011

I mentioned in my last post that buying a open concept sink vanity was way out of our budget. Just in case you were wondering what those suckers can cost, take a look here and here.

Kind of outrageous, right?

Anyway, I've made a little bit more progress on building our own vanity.

Using the same dimensions as the old sink vanity for a guide (30 1/4" x 11 1/4"), I cut a regular ol' 2x4 into appropriately sized pieces.

2x4 kitchen shop
Can you tell that our kitchen doubles as a workshop and reno storage? The downside of having a huge kitchen! Also, can you spot the new addition on the gallery wall?

2x4 kitchen shop
You can see our bathroom tile hanging out in the background!
And then I ran out of steam because after work I was running around collecting bottles and cans for a friend who is raising money to participate in the 13th annual Kelly Shires Foundation Breast Cancer Snow Run. The Snow Run is a women only snowmobile weekend, and participants have to raise at least $1250 to be eligble to participate.

The Kelly Shires Foundation was created by Kelly Shires, a woman who lost her battle against breast cancer in 2004, eight years after being diagnosed. The foundation was born out of her realization that many of the costs associated with breast cancer treatment were financially burdening - things that health insurance doesn't cover like wigs, arranging for home care, child counselling, prosthetics, transportation to treatments and subsequent lodging and parking costs (which can be brutal - the hospital in my area charges $15 a day!), and much more.

The Kelly Shires Foundation puts all funds raised in trust, and women are able to make applications for money online and over the phone. Applications are reviewed by a council and approved on a case by case basis. The foundation also donates money to breast cancer centers in hospitals.

Breast cancer hits close to home - my granny had breast cancer. Mike's grandma has breast cancer. A close friend's mom had breast cancer. Thankfully, they all survived (although my granny and Mike's grandma are no longer with us).

I'm thinking I'd like a snowmobile to be able to participate in the snow run one year...

Anyway, I'm hoping to have this sink vanity done Thursday evening so that I can show it off on Friday, although I'm probably being way optimistic.

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