Grown Up Art

September 15, 2013

I've always kind of side-eyed art. I've even gone so far as to say that I don't like art. As I grow up, though, I'm realizing that that's not true. While I still may not "get" a lot of art, I can now at least admit when I appreciate a piece, even though I might not find some deeper meaning in it.

The living room is looking pretty stark with it's freshly painted white walls and trim, and with it's 9 foot ceilings, something is definitely going to need to fill in the expanse above the couch. I'm a terrible shopper, and since I have no idea where you might find affordable art in person, I'm happy to discover that you can find an array of art online.

Here are some examples of what I like...whether they go with what I'm throwing together in the living room is another matter entirely.

I'm especially fond of the last sort of reminds me of home. I guess that's the point. To feel something when you look at it, whatever that may be.

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