Things I've Got My Eye On

June 19, 2013

Just a quickie post for today...a few things that I found over on Pinterest that made me go hubba hubba.


tommy smythe masculine bedroom
via House and Home

Tommy Smythe is a brilliant man.

So this next things doesn't make my heart flutter, but I'd like to give it a shot and see what happens.

Homemade Wipes
via DIY Natural

I made some of these two weeks ago and they've been working great, so I'm definitely interested in seeing what else I can do.

Next up, this stone.

slate stone tiles
via Home Depot

I'd like to use something like this to pretty up the two small walkways we have outside, and possibly also for a little patio to put our picnic table on so that we don't have to deal with grass growing up underneath it. We thought about putting the picnic table on the back porch, but it's so big that it's not a good use of space.

Finally, this shower curtain.

polka dot shower curtain
via PB Teen

You can see it in action over on Making it Lovely. I love her entire bathroom and kind of want to copy her colour scheme.

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