From the Outside

June 10, 2013

We're slowly getting settled into the new house. None of our furniture is here yet (except a rocking chair and our bed) but that'll come over from the old house this week. I spent the weekend schlepping boxes from the old house, in what is the most inefficient method in the history of the world. Mike's truck is a wee guy, and only has a five foot pick up, so there's a whole lot of back and forth happening. Thank goodness it's only around a three minute drive. I also got to give mowing the lawn a try. Zero turn lawn mowers are hilarious when you've never been on one before and you can't quite figure out how to turn smoothly. I don't think I've ever laughed doing yard work before.

The weather was gorgeous, and just after dinner the dog and I headed outside to snap a few exterior pictures. Here we go!

Queen Anne farmhouse

Queen Anne farmhouse

Queen Anne farmhouse

Queen Anne farmhouse

There are dairy cows across the road and they make me happy. You can just barely see them in this picture, but believe me, they're there.

Grass fed dairy cattle

One of my favourite things about living here is the big old century barn - it's amazing. It needs to be cleaned out, though (think old hay and racoon poop).

Ontario century barn

How was your weekend? Anyone find a dead coyote in their yard? Because I did. I need to find a shovel. And get the wheelbarrow from the old house. Blerg.

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