5 DIY Ideas for Your Bedroom Décor

May 11, 2013

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5 DIY Ideas for Your Bedroom Décor

With a bit of imagination and creativity, you can fully redecorate your home with self-made items. The possibilities are endless! For a unique bedroom décor, check out these 5 easy and original DIY projects.

Wood Pallets Bed Frame

Among the many things you can do with wood pallets – coffee table, bookshelf, wine bottle rack, etc. –, a bed frame is one of the coolest. Besides from being almost free, a wood pallet bed frame is durable and looks amazing. It is pretty easy to make and you can organize the wood pallets in many different and inspiring ways.

Capitone Headboard

Not only is a capitone headboard stylish and trendy, it is also really comfy and will be ideal for reading in bed. By buying a few items and spending a little time on the project, you’ll end up with a beautiful, custom-made and trendy headboard. Follow the simple steps of this very well made tutorial.

Wooden Picture

Tired of your good old framed pictures? Want to display your family, your lover or yourself in a different, original and unique way? Try and print out your picture on wood. It is so simple, a child could do it! And the result is just amazing. Check this video out to learn all about the making process of wooden pictures.

Drawer Ottoman

Got an old dresser you don’t use anymore? Before giving it away, take out one of its drawers. Steal Becky’s idea from her blog Beyond the Picket Fence and turn your old drawer into a comfy ottoman. Ridiculously easy to make and great looking!

Ruffled Curtains

With a little patience, a little skill with a sewing machine and lots of creativity, you can easily make ruffled curtains that are unique and beautiful. There are various styles of curtains you can make. You can go with Painted Therapy’s little top-of-window ruffles, of Bit of Blue Sky’s full panel curtains or Besserina’s fancy drapes.

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