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January 22, 2013

I confessed last week that we're leaving our first house, which was supposed to become our forever home. I bet there's a bunch of you scoffing about how naive I was to think that this would be it. I know that's how I feel, at least amongst the sadness and the excitement and the stress.

There's no point in dwelling on those feelings of inferiority, though. We've got a lot of work to do.

In order to actually get the new house, we have to sell this one. And it won't attract any buyers in the state that it's in, especially since we'd admittedly like to turn a bit of a profit. The only room that we're essentially leaving alone is the kitchen, since we figure that someone would prefer to come in and be able to make their dream kitchen rather than pay a higher price on the house.

Thankfully the bathroom is pretty much finished - we just need baseboards, window trim, and then some touch ups here and there. I can't believe it's taken us almost a year to finish that room.

The living room will be the most difficult, since it needs a new floor in addition to drywall and electrical work. All four bedrooms are getting new drywall and electrical, however the hallways are actually in half decent shape and we'll probably just do some patching where it's needed. The floors upstairs will be patched, sanded, and refinished. Or not. We might leave them as is for the new owners to refinish in a stain that they're happy with.

We have some brickwork on the exterior to take care of, and we'll also have to deal with the bats in the attic. Plus a million and a half other little things that I can't seem to wrap my head around right now. First we have to junk out and pack up, though. Living in a whole house gut and reno is going to make my head explode.

As I said, there's a lot of work to be done. But, at the end of it all we'll still likely be selling the house "as is", take it or leave it. We'll see how that goes...

Because this is an old house, we have some challenges in getting it ready to sell (such as heating the two south bedrooms that currently have no heat source). I'll hopefully be documenting things here and there to share with all of you who check in. Now, I know there are some of you who are cringing when you read "drywall". But the reality is that the only thing holding the plaster on the walls is multiple layers of wallpaper. In my opinion it is not in the least bit worth the effort and time to save it. And that's that.

Of course this is all happening while we're in the depths of wedding planning. One month to go today!

And since blog posts without pictures are weird, here's a picture of Tahsis being a total suck face.

Golden retriever

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