Weekend Recap

August 6, 2012

Although my weekend isn't quite over (heck yes, the province of Ontario is off today), I figured I do a little recap of the goings ons.

On Friday, after getting sent home early, I hoofed it over to the Barrie Antiques Center. While stopped at a red light, I snagged a picture of this old brick Victorian turned headstone store/gallery.

old brick house barrie ontario brick victorian

barrie antiques center mall

Thankfully it wasn't very busy, so I was able to take some pictures of a few of my favourite (and way out of my price range) things.

This GE fan is AMAZING.

vintage antique GE table fan

Close by was an antique grate that had been painted.

antique round cast iron floor grate

Vintage glassware heaven right here.

vintage pyrex glasbake fireking federal glassware bakeware

I shared this model Victorian house on Instagram:

wood model victorian house

International Harvester stuff isn't as common up here as say, John Deere, so this big porcelain thermometer was pretty cool.

international harvester advertising vintage porcelain thermometer

Now, can someone please explain to me why anyone would ever remove this from a house? Because I seriously don't get it.

solid oak antique fireplace mantel

I was going to take a picture of a GIGANTIC display cabinet (it was honestly like 10 feet tall), but as I took out my phone and pointed it at it, I noticed a security camera staring directly at me and I panicked and pretended I actually just had a text and tried to nonchalantly wander away. It was kind of awkward. There are no signs saying that you can't take pictures, but I felt weird.

I bought a few things - I'll share them sometime later.

On Friday night, Tassy got sprayed by a skunk literally five minutes before a friend was picking us up to go out to karaoke (for anyone wondering, I sing happily from my table - Mike actually goes up and sings!). I only had time to scrub a bit where she was directly sprayed, and then I set up her crate so that she didn't rub on stuff. Just so you know, giving your dog a bath outside at 2:30 in the morning after a drink or several isn't really fun. Most of the smell is gone now (thanks to Nature's Miracle), but there's still a bit lingering. Just keep that in mind if you decide come visit in the near future.

Saturday was spent deskunkifying, and then we headed to a friend's place for a barbecue before he heads back up north for work. There may have been some more singing. And Mike has gained a new nickname, courtesy of his top song choice (Piano Man).

On Sunday we headed down to Barrie's waterfront for Kempenfest. It was my first time going, and it was a lot better than I expected. There were a lot of vintage/antique booths. Unfortunately my phone was dead at this point so I don't have any pictures of the neat stuff.

Topping off the day was a $5 country concert with Canadian artists Chad Brownlee and Jason Blaine.

So far today has been full of sleeping in and Olympics, despite my nagging that I'd really like to finish tiling the bathroom. Pretty sure that's not going to happen.

What did you guys get up to this weekend?

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