The Weekend

July 3, 2012

The long weekend was far too short. And the short week will probably be way too long.

We managed to get one wall of the shower completely tiled over the weekend - it took us about 6 hours? We have another full wall, a half wall, and the ceiling to do. And then we grout! I'm going to hold off on posting any pictures on here until it's finished, but if you want a sneak peak you can check out a picture I posted on Facebook on Saturday.

Late Sunday afternoon we headed out to Burl's Creek to see The Hip. It was bloody hot out and the beer was pricey, but we ran into a bunch of friends so waiting around until 9 o'clock when The Hip came on wasn't so bad.

I made Mike take a picture of us (which I never do?!) and of course I waited until the sun had already gone down so it's pretty dark and grainy. And now I am going to subject you to our awkwardness.

Moving on...I made that Canada Day cake I mentioned on Friday and I didn't fail too spectacularly.

I'll be back tomorrow for the second installment of Wedding Wednesday (it'll be short), and then hopefully again on Friday for a tile update!

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