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April 4, 2012

For the month of April, I'm going to tackle highlighting my sponsor swaps a little bit differently than I did before. Instead of just posting a blurb and a picture, I'm going to show you why you should go and click on over to these fantastic blogs. I have the pleasure of swapping with ten bloggers this month, and I'll be splitting it up into five different posts. You'll be able to find all ten buttons in the sidebar for the entire month. Read on!

Fireplace Mantel

Louise from Laid Off Mom created and styled a fireplace mantel that is truly unique and fits into their space perfectly. Click on the picture below to learn more and poke through Laid Off Mom!

Louise started Laid Off Mom in November 2011, a few months after being laid off from her job as an apparel designer.  After crying her eyes out and second guessing her talents, she looked around herself, at her life and loved ones, and realized that maybe her lay off was a blessing.  Instead of seeing her layoff as a misfortune, she saw it as a chance to give her children a solid upbringing, and give her girls their mother back. Make friends with Louise!

California Love String Art

Erika from Our Cozy Cubbyhole made this neato bandito piece of string art - I've been seeing more and more of this lately and I'm kind of crazy about it. Click on the picture below to see how she did it!

Erika blogs at Our Cozy Cubbyhole. Follow her nesting adventures full of DIY projects, crafts, life, and love in her apartment in Los Angeles. She shares a great one-bedroom apartment with her boyfriend, Walker, and their dog, Bo. She loves living simply and enjoying the little things.  Find Erika on the web!

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