5 Reads Worth Reading

April 16, 2012

1. If you're in a thinking mood... Antibiotics and Farm Animals by On the Banks of Squaw Creek.

2. If you're in need of a laugh... I re-watched the Titance so you don't have to. You're welcome. by Jezebel. <--- seriously, read this. I laughed unbelievably hard.

3. If you've got blogging on the brain... Blogging Is Like Any Company by Ramble Ramble.

4. If you need a laugh and simultaneously have blogging on the brain... The Secret World of Blog Advertising by The Art of Doing Stuff. <--- every single post of her's is hilarious. I highly recommend subscribing.

5. If you happen to like the Vancouver Canucks, or the song "Somebody That I Used To Know")... Canuck's Playoff Song (Somebody That I Used To Know Parody) <--- it's a video! Careful now.

Haaaaaaappy Monday!

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