Laundry Love

March 26, 2012


We have laundry privileges again and it was well over due. I totally lost count of how many loads I did over the weekend. All I know is that I just kept loading and folding, loading and folding, until I was completely caught up.

How about a quick trip down memory lane?

bathroom entrance

The old dryer was right in the road on the way into the bathroom...

victorian farm house bathroom renovation

...and it was vented out the window.

victorian farm house bathroom renovation

The washing machine wasn't in that bad of a location, but it was completely not level, and the drain was connected to a big piece of ABS pipe that came out the side of the vanity.

Anything we did would have been a huge improvement.

Ready to see our laundry room closet "reveal"?

LG stacking laundry pair laundry closet laundry nook sarah richardson vintage

stacking laundry pair laundry nook laundry closet LG sarah richardson vintage

It is literally impossible to get a good picture of them together.

See the bins up on top?

storage above laundry

Storage! We didn't have a home for light bulbs before, and batteries lived in the junk drawer. Extra toilet paper and paper towels were always haphazardly thrown to the side of the stairs to the basement. These bins made a previous appearance here, but they were too big for that space. retrospect, we absolutely should have made this space wider. Mike and his dad ended up having to recess the plugs into the wall in order for these guys to fit, and apparently hooking them up was a bit of a nightmare. Whoops. If you're DIYing a similar space...learn from our mistake and give yourself far more room than what is recommended as the minimum in the installation guide for the machines!

Moving on...remember this tin from the end of this post?

vintage antique page's silver mints tin

Well it's not just pretty - it also has a purpose.

vintage antique page's silver mints tin

I've tucked my dryer sheets inside - I think it looks way more appealing than the cardboard box that they come in. I want to come up with something for the laundry soap, too.

Back in this post, I had a certain vision for a particular wall. Well, I don't have the space that I thought I would.

LG stacking laundry pair laundry nook laundry closet sarah richardson vintage

The window casing that will go back on once the window has been replaced is 5" wide. I think it will look far too cluttered to put anything at all in this spot. Bummer.

Anyway, we're moving along. Lots left to do, but we're getting there.

Happy Monday!

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