Hinge Hiccups

February 24, 2012

Happy Friday, friends!

Why do short weeks always feel so long?! Mike comes home tonight, and we're going to head into town to Rona (yay!) to get more bits and pieces that we need to finish up the plumbing and electrical in the bathroom. While we're there, I'm going to finally buy some paint samples so that I can get one step closer to not agonizing over a stupid paint colour every. single. day. Who cares that there's no drywall yet?!

While Mike's been away, I've been stripping the 8 million layers of paint from the bathroom door. Originally it was a grey-blue colour, and then topped with some fake painted wood grain like in the living room and hall, and then a pinky tan, and then a yellow tan, and finally white. Why do old houses have so many layers of everything?! Rhetorical question. Obviously it's easier to cover things up than to do what we're doing. Sometimes I think we're nuts for buying this house, when previous owners thought it should be bulldozed (for realsies, someone told me that).

Moving on...If you've been a reader for awhile, you might remember awhile back I posted about fancy Victorian hinges and how I wanted some. Our house, while built in the Victorian era, is unfortunately without fancy hinges. Insert sad face here.

Last night, in a lead paint fume induced stupor, I decided that our bathroom door needs fancier hinges. I'm not going through all of this trouble to refinish the door and the old hardware, just to put back on plain jane run of the mill steel hinges. So I'm on the prowl for some 4" x 4" steeple or ball tip hinges. Ornate design preferred, but not absolutely necessary.

First stop? Lee Valley. And I came up empty. The biggest hinges they have are 3" x 3" and on back order until May. Boo.

Next stop: Rejuvenation.

The first is back ordered. Guh! The second I really like, despite it's plain jain flappy things (what's the technical term?). But, they're $29 each. Ow, my wallet.

From Historic Style, also at $29 for the 4" x 4"...

So...I'm going to check out eBay. And Etsy. And probably some local antique stores. Wish me luck!

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