Sounds like a case of the Mondays.

January 16, 2012

I had a fantastic weekend. No house-mountains were moved, but it was productive and relaxing all at once. I wanted one more day! But what can you do - Monday has arrived.

Saturday was spent doing chores (hello, laundry) while Mike was at a curling tournament. For my American readers, that's curling the sport.

via Wikipedia.

Sunday was spent trying to knock off one of the items on my January to-do list.

January 2012 To Do's
  • Catch up on laundry. It's amazing what builds up when you're gone for 2 weeks.
    • should be able to check this off by tonight
  • Pack up holiday decorations and put them back into storage in the basement. Don't do it all willy nilly!
    • this will hopefully happen this weekend <---- HA!
  • Junk out and organize the junk drawer
    • maybe tonight?
  • Junk out and organize underneath the kitchen sink
  • Donate cookbooks and other kitchen things I've never used
  • Find 4 (antique/vintage) wood chairs for the kitchen table
    • more on why we need new chairs later
I've already done everything else except, embarassingly enough, put away the Christmas decorations. I'm not the only one in my neighborhood, at least...

But back to Sunday.

We drove out to the Roadshow's Hwy 400 Antique Mall to see if we could find some chairs for the kitchen table. I love this antique mall - it's huge, not so jam packed that you can't even move around, and the prices on a lot of stuff is fairly decent.

Unfortunately, there were no chairs to be had (any that we spotted seemed to come with a table and they wanted $1000 + for the whole shabang. No thanks). I did manage to thoroughly embarass Mike about 10 minutes into the treasure hunt.

Here's why:

Do you see what it is!? A mechanical doorbell with a pull chain! I exclaimed/squealed and apparently got a few stares that I was oblivious to. No matter.

I checked the price tag cautiously, and was pleasantly surprised. It was $40 and labeled as an "old school bell".

Despite my excitement, I didn't buy it. It's far too big for what I'm picturing - the bell portion was probably the size of a dessert plate. And, the chain was far too short for our application. I was just so excited to see one in real life and not the fictional internet.

So while we didn't walk away with chairs or a new doorbell, we did find some neat miscellaneous items that will show their faces around the house. All in all, a fun afternoon.

We've been really slacking in the weekend warrior department lately, but hopefully we'll get back in the groove soon.

How was everyone else's weekend?

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